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Computer laboratory researches in "Locomotive energy stations" educational course

2TE10UK diesel engine roomLaboratory researches, which are executed on "hot" diesel engines, is one of the most important part of a "Locomotive power stations" course. They allow students to muster an experience of diesel condition parameters measurement and analyse their results. As a rule, such works are executed on educational institutions laboratory stands, consisting of workable engines and their loading devices. However, although many dignities of such researches, they allow to decide the rather limited circle of problems. The number of parameters, which can be measured with accepted for educational institution costs of time and means, is limited even for modern measuring engineering. A range of engine operational modes, especially for large and average power engines, which can be researched, also is limited. At last, it is practically impossible to analyse the influence of diesel engine various construction parameters on its cylinder process and output parameters, because of the modification of construction parameters is not stipulated by engine construction. To avoid these defects of physical laboratory stand the researches on real engine may be supplemented by researches of its operation on mathematical model. The power of modern computers allows to work with rather serious diesel engine mathematical models in frameworks of educational courses. At Locomotive Department of Saint Petersburg State University for Means of Communication was developed the program for laboratory researches in "Locomotives power stations" course, which ensure a possibility of nonsupercharged and supercharged by mechanical driving charger engine researching on mathematical models.
The program allows:

Program satisfactorily works on IBM-compatible computers in following minimal configuration:

Program is based on the results of a long work in diesel engines working processes mathematical modeling, which was (and is) executed by locomotive Department specialists. It is successfully used for calculation and analyses diesel engine operating characteristics, optimal operational modes determination and different construction parameters on working process and output parameters influence searching. Taking into account importance and urgency of a problem of locomotive specialists preparation quality increasing, the authors of the program allow to anyone who wishes download the full working program version and use it free for educational purposes. The unique request – don't be too lazy and inform authors: where and for what purposes the program is used, you impressions from it using end suggestions for it improving.

Program name Screenshorts Download
Laboratory researches
in "Locomotive power
stations" course
Initial data preparation
Supercharged 4-stroke engine
working process calculation

Calculation results
"Laboratory researches
in "Locomotive power
stations" course"
- 974 kb

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